The Sunday Service Improv Comedy

An old favourite — coordinated branding and an online presence for Vancouver's primo improv comedy group.

How do you make a website convey humor without upstaging the performers that are to be highlighted? This was the task, when, in 2009 a website was requested by the Sunday Service. To answer, illustrated treatment was provided by Julia Sadler (now of Full-Time Part-Time Studio) created an animated world that complimented instead of competed with the performers.

The Sunday Service

Twitter feeds were pulled using v.1 (!) of the Twitter API.

The Sunday Service

Vimeo embeds were accommodated on post-specific video pages, and the group's podcast episodes were pulled similarly via iTunes.

The Sunday Service

The illustrated treatments turned into full-on branding for the group that is still in use today!


This was a really fun project. Even though the site has been retired, it has had a lasting impact on the group's visual identity.